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Do I Need A College Degree To Be A Pastor Or Minister?

In countries that have a cultural Christian mindset there are varying ideas as to what a pastor or a minister actually is.  Some see a pastor or minister as a high ranking religious leader.  If its religious leadership, you can read about how God views religion here  Religion is ugly.  We need a relationship with God.  For church leadership, we don’t need religion, but we do need godly and spiritual people leading us.  Is it necessary for a pastor or minister to go to a get a degree in theology, graduate from a Bible school, or have any other type of academic accreditation?  The simple answer is no.  However, you’ve got to know the Word.

There are many people that have graduated from Bible school but don’t have clue about God.  There are religious people out there that have never been married but are doing marriage counseling.  There are people who need God’s power and the baptism of the Holy Spirit [see baptism of Holy Spirit here] as they don’t have no miracles, healings, or any other signs active in their lives.  There are others that are not called into ministry by the Lord but are doing some type of ministerial job where they are actually hurting more people than helping.  Being a pastor is a calling.

Going To Bible School

If you can go to Bible school, go!  You need to spent time soaking in the Word of God and learning about God.  You need to do Old Testament and New Testament character studies, study the life of Jesus, serve at a church by helping, lead Bible studies, learn how to teach, lead worship, encourage people in the Word and so much more.  The best way to learn to be is a minister is by working with other ministers, pastors, teachers and evangelists. Going to a Spirit-filled strong faith Bible school will fill you up with God’s Word.  More importantly, you need to serve.

Licensing And Ordination As A Minister

If God’s calling for ministry is on you and after serving others you can be licensed as a minister.  Usually after becoming a licensed minister time will pass and you will be ordained as a minister under that ministry.  A pastor or a bishop are not actually someone who lords over others.  It is not a master position.  These ministers are people who serve or minister to others. There are five ministry gifts and the are lists in Ephesians 4:11 and called the “Five Fold Ministries” by students of the Bible.  People operating in the Five Fold ministry gifts are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.  We need these leaders for the church to grow.

Not everyone is called into the ministry.  But those in the ministry will operate in one or several of the Five Fold gifts.  Not all evangelists are teachers but they all do a great job of evangelizing and telling people about Jesus.  Not all teachers are pastors, but all pastors must be teachers as they must look after their church family.  We need prophets to prophecy and encourage as to what is coming next.  Ministers are important.

Are You Called Into The Ministry?

For those in the ministry, the Holy Spirit will speak to you and you will know you’ve got that calling to serve.  If you are called into the ministry, you need to find a place to get some Bible and ministry training.  You need to surround yourself with good Bible-based teaching and leadership.  If you can, go to Bible school.  But if you can’t go to Bible school surround yourself with people who know the Word.

Get To A Strong Faith Bible School

Going to Bible school doesn’t make you a minister.  You’ve got to be called.  Then again, if you want to serve in the ministry your number priority is to fill your soul (mind, will, emotions) with the Word of God so that you have a power to ministry Jude 1:20 admonishes us to build ourselves up in the most holy faith.  Being around God makes you holy and that holiness is what changes the world by grace and faith.

Called into the ministry?  Get yourself into a Bible school that teaches strong faith that pleases God like Hebrews 11:6. It’s not easy being a minister but you will be greatly rewarded.  Hallelujah!


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