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Do You Have To Believe In Miracles To Be A Christian?

Miracles are a super natural action by God on the Earth on behalf of His people (you and I).  If you are a Christian, does one have to believe in miracles?  The answer is very simple, let us show you. Of course, the Bible is a spiritual book, but it’s also filled with science, history, poetry, music, and even some sensual love stories to name a few areas.

When you read the Word of God (the Bible), you see that it’s all about people who refuse to allow God in their lives, and contrasts those unbelievers with those who engage Father God.  Cain and Abel, Abraham and Lot, Martha and Mary, Judas and the disciples… we see many instances of why it is better to get into God’s light than stay in the darkness of this world

Does A Person Who Thinks They Are A Christian Need To Believe In Miracles?

miraclesThe answer to the question is straight and simple.  Being a Christian is all about believing in miracles.  Following Jesus and receiving abundance in life is all about believing (John 10:10).  As the Word says in 2 Corinthians 5:7, a true believer walks by faith and not by what we sight.  In other words, we walk and live our daily lives by what we believe, not by how we feel or what we see happening around us.

Being a Christian is founded on the fundamental truth or as Jesus called it the “rock” confession we each have to make as in Matthew 16:18. That personal proclamation
Jesus is the Messiah and our Savior.  If you want to be a Christian, the first miracle you must accept is that Jesus’ birth is a miracle through a young girl named Mary.  How many women can have a baby without a man involved?  None.  The seed, or semen, of a man is required.  But God, came in the form of man, to save man as Jesus is God, God is Jesus.  The birth of Jesus is a miracle.

What About Other Miracles?

Did Jesus turn the water into wine?  Did He walk on the water?  Did the donkey speak to Balaam?  Did Moses part the Red Sea?  Did the world’s most powerful army of the tie drown in the Red Sea.  Did the plagues hit Egypt to force Pharaoh to release the Israeli people?  Did Samson destroy the enemy who stood against God?  Did the walls of Jericho fall down? Did Abraham become the father of a nation?

These are all miracles.  They all happened.  We can see their results in history.  The Bible is full of miracles.  It is all about getting God involved in the lives of believers.  It may sound harsh but one pastor said, “If a person doesn’t believe in miracles, they are not a Christian”.  Although it is very direct, it is very important to acknowledge God in your life.  When you do that, that’s when the miracles start to happen.

Are you ready for some miracles in your life?  First thing, you need Jesus.  You can learn how to meet Him here.  Secondly, you need the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Find out more about that here.

Buckle up!  God has miracles for those who believe.  Amazing!


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