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Does Suffering Come From God?

Although not all Christians are willing to admit it, there is a teaching that has permeated the minds of many Christians that says, whatever happens to me is God’s will, sickness comes from God to teach me something, and poverty or lack somehow makes us more godly.  This line of thinking is called the Dark Ages Mentality or poverty teaching.  It is poison to the minds of believers as instead of praying and speaking the Word of God over our churches, families, jobs, and futures, we just put all the responsibility of our daily lives on God.  This is flawed thinking and there are forces of hell that are pushing this unbiblical ideology so that they can neutralize believers and render harmless the church of Jesus Christ.

Where Does Suffering Come From?

Suffering in our lives comes from various areas.  We can suffer for the gospel’s sake.  This happens to people in anti-Christian countries.  We can suffer due to our own silly mistakes.  Such as getting fired for sharing Jesus on the job is not suffering for the gospel.  Companies are not paying us to stop working and talk about Jesus.  Work hard and talk about Jesus while you’re working and/or at lunch times or on breaks.

Fight The Good Fight

In 1 Timothy 6:12 we are told to fight the good fight of faith.  A good fight is not one where someone gets beat to a pulp.  A believer’s good fight is the fight they win through being led by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14).  The fight we fight while on this earth is not a physical one it is first and foremost a spiritual one.  Ephesians 6:12 tells us life is not a fight against people, but we most focus on what is behind people that are working against us, spiritual forces.

Suffering does not come from God.  There is no suffering in Heaven.  We serve Jesus and work under our Heavenly Father, directed by the Holy Spirit. We are the children of God.  If God were causing suffering of His children, He would be considered a child abuser.  God is not abusive, God is love, light, and an overwhelming glorious power.  Don’t fall for the poverty teaching or Dark Ages Mentality.  Know God for yourself and who He really is.

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