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How Can I Better Love My Wife?

Despite what all the experts say, the Bible has a lot more credible to say about relationships. The foundation of society is the relationship of the husband and wife. Divorce and separation seem to be common place, but that is not God’s plan for husbands and wives. With God, couples can live a long, happy, and intimate life together from a marriage to their departure to Heaven.

How can we do it?
Remember women are generally more emotionally driven than men. Men are more physical. Men go by what they see, women tend to go more by what they ‘feel’. A man needs his woman, and if the sex stops he’s likely to go elsewhere to fulfill the physical desires we are created with.
Women, on the other hand, can sometimes use sex as a weapon.

Sex As A Weapon?

Women who withhold sex from their husbands as some type of penalty, hurts themselves as well. How can a man better love his wife?
The role of the husband and wife is equal. Equal but different. Generally, the men may not be good at the details where a woman can typically get things planned out to perfection. (Of course things vary depending on the individuals). However, when it comes to vision this is where the man has to pick up the mantle and run with it. Husbands and wives are equal. Big decisions should be made together. A woman needs to know two things-

  • her man is going to take care of her financially
  • her man is going to protect her and the family

If a woman knows her husband is covering her, then she is going to be satisfied. If not, it will hurt the relationship. However, sex should never be used as a weapon (‘Is Withholding Sex Grounds For Divorce?’ article here)
Men are the initiators and drivers of sex in the marriage bed or anywhere for that matter. How often should couples have sex? You can find a good answer to that HERE (same as above). However, men have got to realize, the romance doesn’t start in the bed. It is something that happens every day.

What Can A Man Do?

  1. Touch your wife. Every touch doesn’t have to lead to sexual intercourse
  2. Spend time talking with your wife. Find our what she is thinking and share what you are doing to increase the influence and godliness of your family
  3. Kiss your wife when you leave the house
  4. Keep yourself clean- Make sure you’re brushing and flossing your teeth and your breath doesn’t stink. Who wants to kiss a stinker.
  5. Take daily baths and showers. If you exercise, hit the shower immediately, the biggest turn off to a woman is body odor in her house or other small spaces.
  6. Encourage your wife- the man is spiritual head of the home, but the wife needs to step in if the husband is not doing his part
  7. Keep dating! Even after you’re married and have kids, you need to make time to go out only the two of you and nuture your romance.

There’s more and you can be creative. That’s romantic! Men, touch your wife’s shoulder or buttocks from time to time when walk by at home. Tell her that you love her daily, and mean it. Tell her she is beautiful, after all that is why you married her.

God has designed the husband/wife relationship as something beautiful. The man initiates much for the union, but the women has to participate as well. Marriage needs both to participate to make it work.

Doing little things can lead to long and rewarding marriage relationships.

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