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How Often Should Christian Couples Have Sex?

The question of how often Christian couples should have sex is a popular one.  Everyone wonders what the right balance of what Intimacy should be between a husband and wife. Frankly, even those who don’t know Jesus yet should understand the importance of love both emotionally and physically.  The regular coming together is an important part of marriage. One very personal survey asked married couples how frequently they had sex.

  • Between 18-29, married people had sex 112 times a year, or a little over twice a week.
  • Between 30-39, they had sex 86 times a year, or about seven times a month.
  • Between 50-59, they had sex 69 times a year, or a little under six times a month.

This gives you a very good understanding for what normal couples are like. More on that in the article “Is Withholding Sex From Your Spouse Grounds For Divorce?” Here. The survey didn’t touch on people over 60 but they are definitely included. The frequency may vary depending on the couple but it shouldn’t vary that much.

Good sexual intercourse is something that should start after the commitment at the wedding (marriage) altar and continue to death.  Based on the personal answers above it would seem that sexual desire continues well past the time of child bearing.  When a husband and wife sleep together and have sex, they confirm their commitment to each other. Without a doubt, the solution is -> More sex = closer relationship. Couples should be intimate all the time.

Much trouble arises from  a dysfunctional marriage.  If a couple is barely having sex once a month, the red flags should be raised.  The husband or wife is going to start looking around as they are not being fulfilled in their spouse.  The husband is going to begin looking at other women or could even get caught up in some sexual sin or addiction as his wife is unwilling to spread out her arms for her man.  Men are really driven by what they see so women showing breasts with plunging necklines are asking for trouble.  Creflo & Taffi Dollar in their book The Success Family say, “What a woman is willing to show, she is willing to share”.  For a lady, women may need to be a bit modest a wear modest clothing so they to get stared at by every man.  That’s why it’s okay to only show yourself to your husband.  Men also need to be thinking the same but it’s more about spending too much time with a woman that is not your wife.  Emotional bonds may grow even without sex.

Christian couples should have sex as much as possible.  This brings stability to the relationship as both the husband and wife are fulfilled but physically and spiritually.  Neither spouse will have reason to go looking for sexual fulfillment somewhere else.  Want to know more about sex?  Check out

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