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How To Find A Good Church

What Is Church?

Many times people think of churches as buildings.  Depending on the time period, church building designs have changed.  Many Christians want to have nice buildings to honor our Father in Heaven here on earth.  However, churches should not be defined by stones, bricks, wood, steel, or glass.  Churches are gatherings of people that meet in neighborhoods around the world.  The building they meet in does not matter. Churches are people.

When Did God’s Church Begin?

There is nothing like the church of Jesus the Messiah.  In fact, Jesus is the founder of the church that started, as recorded, in Acts chapter 2 and continues on to this day.  Jesus told us His church is important to Him in Matthew 16:18 and the enemy will never be able to conquer God’s people.

What Is A Good Church?

A good church is a gathering of strong, loving people who follow Jesus and His Word (the Bible) uncompromisingly.  A good church has a passion for God first and foremost.  That passion flows into a passion for people.  The Church of God in Jesus Christ is the church that loves people and is focused on building up and exhorting people to live long, healthy, successful lives.

10 Signs Of A Good Church

  1. The head pastor teaches the Bible in every message.
  2. The music is energetic like God, and focused on praising and glorifying Him
  3. Worship music draws you into God’s amazing presence
  4. People are warm and friendly to each other and visitors alike
  5. Children are a priority with classes and care that teaches how to raise them in God’s ways
  6. The church is active in the community
  7. Leadership is willing to correct mistakes and admit wrongs
  8. Believers that have fallen into sin are privately confronted or the unrepentant are publically removed from areas of influence
  9. Finances are communicated clearly to committed members of the church family
  10. People of any age feel comfortable, but most importantly a family can enjoy the church family together

There is no perfect church.  However, finding a Holy Spirit-filled fellowship is key.  In some areas, there just aren’t that many choices or good churches might be in hiding due to oppressive governments.

The best way to find a great church is to pray for wisdom as James 1:5 promises and get the wisdom of God on where to look.  If you know Jesus and are baptized in the Holy Spirit, the Spirit will lead you by your spirit.  You can find out more about Holy Spirit power here and now.

If there isn’t a strong faith church in your area, then it’s your chance.  You can pray for a church to be born, and it will happen.  You never know, if there is nothing around, God may move on your heart to be a part of the start up team that brings in a new church.

Going to church every week is essential to growing in Christ Jesus.  If you’re not going, you won’t be a Christian for long.  See the answer to the question, “ To Be A Christian, Do I Have To Go To Church?here.


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