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Is God is In Control?

If a believer ever tells you, ‘don’t worry God is in control’, its time to do a sanity check. First read If God is in control, why is the world such a mess?

Next put some logic to work. God is not control of the earth or the people on the earth. He has leased that to us for a time (Check our the Earth Lease).

Mt. St. Helens Volcano in Washington State

It’s not exactly what people want to hear but leaving everything up to God in your life is no different from false religion that preaches about fate and karma. People getting whatever is coming to them. It is true people reap what they sow. If they do evil, evil will eventually come back to them. But being born into a poor family doesn’t mean you are damned to a life of poverty. It’s not God’s judgment on you in advance. God is just and He is fair. Only people blinded by religion have been programmed to think like this.

In fact, people who have been taught to think ‘God is in control’ or ‘it must be Gods will because it happened to me’ are infected. Millions of well meaning, God loving Christians are infected with thinking that will shorten their lives, make them sick, empty their wallet, and prevent them from living the all-out abundant life God won on the cross for them through Jesus our Lord. What is infecting them?

This infectious, deadly teaching and thinking is called Dark Ages Mentality or DAM. Get free from DAM and live life like God. Find out here now.

The world we live in, is owned by God. He created and set things in motion, it is our job to pray and speak against storms, sickness, disease, poverty, famine, war, and anything else that comes up in this world we inhabit for as long as we are here before Jesus the Messiah returns.

Do you know Jesus?

Do you have God’s power in your daily life?

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