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Is It Okay To Pray For Myself?

Yes!  You must pray for yourself more than anyone else.  You can’t help others if you can’t help yourself first.
Many times we get requests from friends to pray for their family members, to pray for salvation, to pray for healing, to pray for a tough situation.  There are all sorts of requests.  We know that God does not work in this world until we ask Him. (Check out the Earth Lease). God works when we speak in faith over the situation.
In Mark 11:22-25, we see Jesus speaking to a tree.  It has no fruit so the Lord curses it, on the way into Jerusalem.  On the way back out of town, the disciples notice that the tree is all dried up from the roots.  In Mark 11:22, Jesus says, ‘have faith in God’ when they noticed and talked about that withered tree.  He goes on to say that if someone has faith in God they will ‘say to the mountain’.   The mountain symbolizes any challenge or situation in their life.
Faith Is Speaking What You Expect
Simply put, faith is speaking what you expect.  Sometimes your believing has to catch up with your speaking.  That means, nearly all the time, you have to say what the Bible says about yourself before you actually see it come to pass.  Hebrews 10:38 tells us the just (God’s people) shall life by faith.  Living by faith means not being moved, getting upset, or worried because of the circumstances you see.  When you walk by faith, you are not going by what you see, that’s what 2 Corinthians 5:7 says.  We are supposed to walk by faith and not by sight.
You should be speaking against lack in your life, speak against sickness, speak against disease, speak against demotion, speak against loss.  In fact, faith is speaking for something. Faith is speaking for health, personal victory, financial break through, healing of relationships, promotion in the career… faith is speaking and believing for what you need, despite not having it at that specific time or receiving it yet.  You have to talk about it before you get it.
Is It Okay To Pray For Yourself?
Yes!  The best person to pray for you is YOU!  Find the promises in the Bible for your need and speak them over your life.  Pray something like this for yourself right now.
Speak Out This Prayer For Today
In the Name of Jesus My Savior and Lord, I break the power of the devil and the forces of hell in my life.  Devils, you have no right to do anything in my life.  I am a child of God as I have confessed Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.  
I will not allow lack, sickness, stress at the workplace to have power over me.  Enemy, I break your assignment on myself and my family.
In the Name of Jesus I speak God’s blessings on my life.  God I thank you that you bless me, my family, my company, my church, and everything I do because I put your Kingdom and your right ways first and foremost above all else.  Father, I give you this situation.  I will no longer worry or fear, I will speak what I expect from now on every time I think about it.  I  receive it in Jesus’ Mighty Name!  Amen!
Do you know Jesus?
Do you have God’s power in your daily life?
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