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Is Mary The Mother Of God?

Is Mary the mother of God?  If you just take the question as is, the answer is easy, no!  How can a human being, be mother to the Creator of the Universe?  God is the only being who is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  He was not birthed by anyone and has been around forever.  In fact, He created the time that we live in.  Does God who created the Earth need a human mother?  No.
However, if we think a bit more about the topic Mary, or ‘the virgin Mary’ as some call her, she was the woman chosen by God to bring Jesus the Messiah into the world through the birth into a incarnate human body.  Is Jesus Christ God?  Yes!  Read “Who is Jesus Christ?” here.  

According to John 1:1, Jesus Christ has been around before the Earth was made.  In fact, of the God-head, that is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirt, Jesus is the one who created the earth we dwell on.  That is clear in John 1:3, Colossians 1:16, 1 Corinthians 8:6, and John 1:10.  Jesus Christ is the Creator of the world.  

Mary was a young woman of the land of Israel who God chose to bring Himself into the earth so he could save man.  Historians say, Mary was probably a young lady around 15 years old. Why was Mary chosen and not some other woman?   The Bible shows us why.  In Luke 1:46-55 we see when Mary went to meet Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, you can see that she was a woman who knew God.  She was filled with the scriptures and the flowed out of her mouth.  That is why God selected her from all other women who were virgins at that time.  God always works with those who know and love Him.


In Luke 1:35, the Angel Gabriel tells Mary that she has been chosen to birth the Messiah, the Savior of the world.  He says that she is highly blessed.  Praise God for Mary and her faith and service to the Lord Jesus Christ. Mary was the human that God used to accomplish her will.  Mary was like a surrogate mother, except God used her physical traits incarnate Himself on the earth.

Should we be calling Mary, ‘the mother of God’?  

No!  Mary was a virgin at the time of conceiving Jesus.  It was immaculate conception.  Something only God can do with no seed of a man involved.  Calling Mary ‘the mother of God’ is not biblical and is in fact confusing.  Mary is dead and in heaven with the Father.   (See ‘What’s the Bible Say About Praying To Dead People?’ here) She birthed the incarnate Jesus, but after the birth of Jesus the man, she had sexual relations with her husband Joseph and birthed other children as well.  Probably one of the most famous is James (or Jacob in Hebrew).  James was birthed by Mary and a pastor and leader in the early Church.  However, he was not God.  But the book of James in the New Testament is James following Jesus, God, and teaching others about faith.

Jesus loved Mary his earthly mother, but as God, He knew what His role really was.  When Mary and her sons came to interrupt Jesus while he was ministering to the crowds in Matthew 12:48, Jesus refused to meet them.  The first 30 years of the Jesus’ life was learning.  He had to learn and develop Himself as a human just as us.  

Luke 2:46 tells us Jesus was in the temple with the teachers both listening and asking them questions.  Luke 2:52 says Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in the favor of God and man.  

In order for the Lord Jesus to die on our behalf, He had to live like we do, as a human.  Once Jesus started His ministry, that is when He fulfilled all the callings and prophecies about why He came and how He would deliver us.  The Lord Jesus Christ ministered for about 3 years to thousands of people.  His death and resurrection changed lives and changed the world forever.

Let’s Not Confuse Things
Christians, unbelievers or believers, should not be calling Mary, ‘the mother of God’.  It is terminology that seems to give special status to a woman who God used to accomplish His will.  Mary is not God’s mother, she birthed Jesus as a human, and she lived and died physically like any other human.  The difference was she was the believer so filled with God’s Word (the scriptures) that God selected her to bring the Jesus incarnate into the world. When you are filled with God’s Word, He can use you too!

We can call Mary, the virgin, the mother of Jesus, and a lot of different things but in the end, Mary has nothing to do with our salvation, our healing, our prosperity, or anything else in our spiritual lives.  If we’re going to talk about God, we must proclaim that Jesus is the Son of God, and lives depend on rejecting or accepting that Jesus died and rose from the dead to eliminate spiritual death and bring us eternal life.  Do you know Jesus personally?

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