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What’s God’s Opinion On Christians Praying To Or ‘Through’ Dead People?  What’s the Bible Say?

george_washingtonIt’s human nature for people to want to honor someone who has done good things for society, the nation, or even the world.  There have been many amazing people out there.  Yes, it’s okay to make a statue, name a park, or name a school within a university after them. But, should it go any farther than that?
Much religion, even some groups calling themselves Christian, have an element that wants to to honor the dead.  It’s certainly okay to remember the dead people who have passed on to either eternal life with Jesus or never ending pain and damnation in Hades.  However, for those people who are memorialized, is it Biblical to pray to them?
The World’s Religions
Jesus told us to pray to the Father in Jesus’ Name in John 16:23-27.  King Saul lost his position and his kingdom because he went to a seance trying to contact the dead prophets via a witch.  Shinto people in Japan pray to the dead along with the rivers, the trees, the mountains. Buddhists in Japan and Korea pray to their dead relatives and ancestors. Hindus in India pray to so many things you can’t count. Hindus also pray to dead people.  So called ‘good people’ become gods. Even the Roman Catholic religion endorses and promotes praying to dead people whom they’ve decided to select as saints posthumously (more on real saints here). Conclusion, religion prays to dead people despite the fact that they can’t hear them, Christians should not.  The Lord Jesus hates religion (Matthew 23:27) so you do not want to be a religious person.
Images, Statues, And Carvings
Did Jesus say pray to ‘Saint’ Andrew, Mary, Peter, in Jesus Name?  Did he ever make an Catholic Praying To Mary Statuefigure, a painting, a carving of someone, burn candles to it and pray to it?  No, that’s what religion does!    Of course, these were certainly wonderful people,
Did he say pray through my earthly mom (or anyone else), make a statue, or wear a medallion with some patron ‘saint’ on you for protection?  No, as a matter of fact, we are told specifically not to make these images in  the second of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:4.  It’s listed as number two so it must be an important command from the Lord.
God has spoken specifically against praying to dead people in the Word of God (the Bible), and that’s a big deal.  Nearly all religion, with the only exception being Christians, prays to or ‘through’ dead people.  Christians who don’t know the Word usually don’t really know the God of the Word.  Remember 2 Corinthians 5:8 says when a believers spirit leaves their body it is immediately with God.  There are no human spirits floating around the earth.  After death is Heaven or Hades.  There are only demons.  What out if a dead person ever ‘answers’ someone as it’s no human spirit it is a demon.
God called Jesus people, Christians, Kingdom people, to come out of the world and be different.  In Acts we are actually referred to as “The Way” as it’s not the way of the majority, it’s God’s way.  He has not called us to be like the world or it’s religious people.  He wants us to be like Him.  In fact, in Ephesians 5:1, we are told to imitate God.  You wonder, how many dead people does God pray to?  None!
If you have come from a religion that worships or prays to the dead, you have opened yourself us to the enemy. You need to break that curse on you, your family, and your life.
Pray this prayer-
Father, I thank you for Jesus Christ who died for my sins and rose on the third day.  Please forgive me of my faults and failures.  Right now, I accept Jesus as my Lord into my heart and I receive eternal life.  
And Father, I ask forgiveness for praying to or even through dead people.  In Jesus’ mighty Name, I break the curse of the enemy on me and my family.  We rid ourselves of the past, throw out the images, and I only put my relationship first.
Thank you for forgiveness and thank you that you will bless me above and beyond what I could ever ask or think as I seek you and know Your Word. 
In the Name of Jesus I pray. Amen.
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