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Is The Corona Virus The Judgment Of God?

When sickness, famine, or earthquakes come, some religious folk suddenly become self-proclaimed ‘prophets of God’.  Yes, there are signs of the end times, but when you know the character and personality of God, you can know what is the judgment of God and what is the influence of living in this world.

Fighting Sickness & Disease

As we know, the earth has been given to humankind for a time.  The earth is under a lease to mankind (see more about the Earth Lease here).  Simply put, the issues that we have on this earth are rarely something that is a result of God’s anger.  Especially, since we are no longer living in the Old Testament times.  Now, we have the grace of God.  For a time.  Believers are also logical. Remember, the Lord Jesus teaches us to pray.  Why?  We are supposed to change the world’s situation through our faith-filled (not unbelief filled) prayers.  

Where Does Sickness & Disease Come From?

Sickness and disease comes from two origins.  One is from the imperfect world we live in. The second origin of sickness is from demons and the forces of hell.  In no way, should a Christian accept sickness or disease as something from God.  IT IS NOT.  He doesn’t have any sickness to give you.  Are there any hospitals in heaven?  No!  In fact, in the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus Christ teaches us to pray, “Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

Sickness and diseases come either from the imperfect world, or from the forces of hell. Either way, sickness and disease is meant to take you out and kill you!  God want you to be blessed and live long!  (Psalm 91).

Is The Corona Virus The Judgment of God?

Is the Corona virus the judgment of God?  Absolutely not!  It is most likely the enemy trying to kill people so that they don’t make a decision to know Jesus.  

If someone tells you that the any sickness or disease is something from God trying to teach them something, ask them an important question.  “If sickness is from God, then why are you trying to get well?”  In fact, you can also ask them why Jesus is prophesied as not only the Savior of our spirit/souls, but also the healer of our bodies in Isaiah 53:3-5, 1 Peter 2:24, Matthew 8:19, Proverbs 4:22, John 10;10, and so many other places.

Corona virus is not from God, because God is good!  People who say anything otherwise either don’t know Him, are religious, or are themselves infected with the Dark Ages Mentality (more on DAM here)

If you meet people that say sickness is from God.  Get away from them and get around people who personally know God and His Word (the Bible).

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