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Should I Go To High School?

The world knows that knowledge is power.  If you know something that no one else knows, you may be able to use that to your benefit.  For example, if you know that a certain company is going to go bankrupt and you own their stock and don’t sell it before it becomes worthless, you will lose all the money you paid.  In other ways, if you own a car of limited quantity and know that the value would triple in 10 years, it would be wise to hold on to it and sell it when the value goes up on that tenth year.  Knowledge is power.  However, in Hosea 4:6, God says that His people are destroyed (fail or fall apart) because they don’t have knowledge

In the past, the Dark Ages Mentality was people in leadership pretending to be Christians using church or church-like organizations to control people.  They controlled people by telling people, “Don’t read the Bible, it’s too difficult.  Let me interpret it for you”.  Actually, the Bible is very easy. The Bible is so easy, you have to have someone teach you how to misinterpret it.  With the invention of the printing press, people were able to get God’s Word in their hands.

Knowledge is power, not only for unbelievers, but even more so for believers.  The Word of God (the Bible) is pure power, as the Word of God is Jesus! (John 1).  When you know and apply the Word of God there is nothing that can stop you.  As the Bible says in Mark 9:23, nothing is impossible to those who believe.  Romans 10:17 says believing and faith come to you from hearing the Word taught and studying the Word.

What About Education?

In the past, people were lucky if they could go to elementary school.  Those days, children were forced to work as teenagers to help support their family.  We have food in plenty our generation, but just being able to eat was a big deal for most people in the past.  With time, the standards have risen and people have been able to go to elementary school, then junior high school, then high school.  Taking advantage of the education system of your government and getting a good education in your developing years until 18 years is essential to your future.

Should I Go To High School?

The amount of education you have will determine your future.  If you learn much in your young years, that will determine your potential for your future.  Those kids who don’t study in school, fool around, or drop out of school before completing High School are severely limiting their future job opportunities.  That means, how much money you will be paid for your skills.

Limiting Yourself

If you don’t graduate from High School, you will be forced into a working class job.  Little or no education means you will have to do do jobs that any simple person can do.  Working at a retail store, doing demolition work, driving a truck or taxi would be some of the things you could do.  That’s until they are taken over by automation and even those jobs would disappear.

Yes, you should go to High School.  It is an essential requirement to being able to do a job that is higher level and higher paying.  Not going to high school and getting a solid education will put you at a disadvantage against others who you would compete with for the good jobs.

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