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Should Pastors (Ministers) Be Paid?

Pastor Martin Luther King

Many people ask, should pastors be paid? Some think a pastor should be working a job and pastor or minister on the side. Others have no problem with tithing to their local church to support their church ministry, as well as their pastors. The Church that the Lord Jesus established is not just made up of pastors. There are actually 5 ministry callings in the Bible. They are called the five fold ministry. Ephesians talks about the 5 ministry offices. You can read more about that here.

Some call pastors who work ‘tent makers’ (taken from Acts 18:3, where the Apostle Paul worked to support himself when he was preaching). More recently ‘bi-vocational’ pastors is the term used for those who have a ministry as well as a full-time job.

In Luke 10:7, Jesus says, the laborer is worthy of his wages. If someone cleans your house, you should pay them, if someone works at your restaurant you should pay them, if someone goes to pick something up for you, why not give them some type of thank you? It takes money to live on this earth. If you want people to continue what they are doing in this world, you need to support them.

YES! Pastors should be paid. In 1 Corinthians 9:14, the Word of God is very clear that those who preach the Gospel, should be paid through their preaching. If you want them to get better and put more into the ministry of your local church, you have to support their work. Are we really supposed to give tithes to the church we are ministered to? There’s more about that here

If you want your church to grow, you need to have leadership that is focused on preaching, teaching, and leading. If everyone is volunteer, it’s a bit harder to get things done. Of course, pastors must also be accountable. Churches are not a democracy, therefore the pastor has to be in tune with God. However, pastor’s should also be accountable. This accountability comes through the Apostles or regional leadership over them as well as a church board of deacon’s that helps the pastors. Deacon’s have to be people of integrity as described in 1 Timothy 3:8–13.

If you want to have a strong church, you must have strong pastors and ministers. Take good care of your leadership so that they can focus on the preaching of the Word of God and leading the Church body into a deeper relationship with Jesus by the Holy Spirit. Bless them and financially support your local church. You can find out more about the types of giving as a believer here.

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