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What Is The 5 Fold Ministry?

The Church of Jesus Christ, the Body of Jesus Christ, the gathering of the saints, there are many terms to describe the church that was founded by Jesus the Son of God.  According to Colossians 1:18, Jesus is the head of the church.  He is now at the right hand of God and left us here with the powerful Holy Spirit of God to live our daily lives.

A Group, Not A Building

A church is not a building, or architecture.  A church is a gathering of people who have a passion for God and a passion to love people through the grace of Jesus.  However, a church needs leadership just as a company, a non-profit organization, or even the family needs leadership.  The church is to be led by the Holy Spirit through people.  Who are those leaders?

The Five Fold Ministry

The church is lead by people who are called, anointed, and set apart by God.  Ephesians 4:11 tell us exactly the roles of these people.

  1. Apostles
  2. Prophets
  3. Evangelists
  4. Pastors
  5. Teachers

These 5 groups have specific roles within the ministry.  There are 5 types of leaders hence they are called the 5 Fold Ministry.  Each role is specific and necessary for equipping the saints in the ministry according to Ephesians 4:12. Saints?  Who are the saints?  Those who believe and trust God.  If you know Jesus, you are a Saint.  Hallelujah!  Let’s dive quickly into the 5 Fold Ministry gifts.  These are not gifts of the body, they are special gifts of leadership.

Five Types Of Ministers

An apostle is like a pastor but has an overall responsibility for leading multiple churches.  Apostle means “sent one” therefore, apostles are ministers who are sent out and lead and look after the needs of the church of Jesus Christ

Prophets are people who hear God’s direction and follow His ways.  Prophets can see the future of what is coming to the Church and often help correct error and make sure the church is heading in the direction God has for them.

Evangelists are unlike apostles and prophets because their anointing is to preach the Good News.  They preach the gospel of Jesus through encouraging words.  Many times evangelists get confused with teachers or pastors. Actually, whatever message they preach their always manage to bring the focus back on Jesus and our need for salvation.  Many people get saved during and after those messages.

Pastors, or bishops, are probably the most easily recognizable 5 fold ministry gift.  Pastors preach, teach, encourage, disciple the flock or group of people that they are responsible for.  Although not a ministry gift, some administrators have tried to pastor and end up controlling and squeezing the church instead of building like a true pastor would do.

Teachers are an important part of the church.  Teachers teach the uncompromised Word of God to the saints (that’s you who believe!).  Not all teachers are pastors, but all pastors are certainly teachers.

Finding Your Calling

You may or not be called into the 5 Fold Ministry. That’s alright!  Grow in what you are called to do.  Romans 11:29 tells us the gifts and callings of God cannot be taken away.  Romans 12:6-8 talks about other gifts that you as a Christian can have.  Giving, exhorting, teaching, showing mercy, and many other gifts are other there within the church.  We can all operate in the gifts of the Spirit as explained in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11.  Read more about the gifting you can have in your life here in The Nine Gifts Of The Holy Spirit.

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