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What Does The Bible Say About Dinosaurs?

If you want to be smart, reading a lot of great books is one way to excel.  However, if you want to be smart and strong, reading the Word of God (the Bible) is the most life changing book you study.  God’s Word is so powerful. The Holy Spirit will inspire you when you read.  He will give you ideas, answers to prayer, direction, and all sorts of wisdom that is invaluable.

Reading The Bible

The Bible is a history book, a science book, a genealogy, a love story, book of wisdom, insights on personal relationships and so much more.  The Bible gives you personal insights into God’s own heart. The Bible answers many questions directly with topics such as murder, sexual sin, salvation, healing, and so forth.  In other areas, you have to use the inspiration you receive from the Holy Spirit and wisdom from the Word to get your answer.  You can find answers to every question of life in the Word of God.

Historically, the Bible is key historical sources for scholars around the globe and over the centuries.  In Genesis 1:1, we see that God created the earth then in Genesis 1:2 we see that the earth suddenly was formless and void.  Some believe that between this first and second day, something had happened where the earth was put into chaos.  This is called the Gap Theory which you can read more about here.  It makes a lot of sense as it illuminates when Jesus saw satan thrown out of heaven in Luke 10:18 when the enemy mounted his rebellion against God, and was instantly thrown to the earth.  It also explains how the earth is so old.

The Bible And Geology

Geology confirms the flood of Noah, archeology confirms the existence of the various Bible characters, their homes, and where events occurred.    The Earth is clearly very old.  How old?  The Bible doesn’t say.  It would seem that another area the Bible doesn’t record is regarding the dinosaurs and when they roamed the earth.  But actually it does.  We know from Job 41:1 and Job 20:15 that these animals existed on the earth.  They ceased to exist for some reason.

Following the flood of Noah, the cloud canopy that protected the earth disappeared and that was the end of the Earth being tropical in every area.  The cloud cover that, like a  green house, had warmed the Earth was gone.  Theorists believe Noah took dinosaurs on the ark but they could not adapt and died out after the flood due to the cooling weather.

In the Dake’s Study Bible we read, “Long before a man called Adam walked with God in the gardens of Eden, longer still before the flood of Noah covered the face of the earth, in a time called “the beginning,” God created the heavens and the earth. A grand and beautiful design, the earth as conceived by the Creator was an exquisite home for the creatures He had fashioned. The earth itself was a magnificent garden where life flourished in a dazzling display of variety. The ground trembled with the footsteps of the largest creatures (those we now call dinosaurs). Animals filled the trees, the skies and the oceans. From eternity God had planned this creation, and it was perfect in every way. God created men and they began to settle in villages, cities and nations”.

Why Did the Dinosaur’s Die Out?

Many things changed after the flood of Noah.  The earth was no longer the tropic environment it had been.  Many animals have not survived since the flood.  Movies and books have brought a lot of attention to the dinosaurs but in the end, dinosaurs are a reminder that only Heaven is forever.

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