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What Does The Bible Say About Women Pastors And Preachers In Ministry?

God created Adam in His image, then He created Eve as He didn’t want Adam to be alone.  Men and women are different with different roles.  There are some things that women can do that men are completely helpless at.  There are other things that women as challenged with.  For example, no culture would last very long if you asked men to have babies.  At the same time, sending a women to the front lines in the battle is not exactly wise.  It is proven that most men are generally physically stronger then women.  There are many other differences.  Men think in generalities, many women have an excellent sense for the details.

Consider The Culture

Ancient culture has put priority on men as the hunter and the women as someone in charge of the household, likely due to the better sense of management than most men.  When you read the Word of God (the Bible), don’t check your brain at the door.  Understand what is culture, what is scripture, what is inspiration and what is historical.  For example, the Old Testament of the Bible has murder, rape, incest, stealing, homosexual activity and many other things.  Does that mean the Bible condones these activities?  Absolutely not.  The Bible reports things as they are so we can see how lost people are without God.  We see culture, history, science, corrupt human nature, and how Jesus has set us from all this garbage.  We can peer into the lives of those of great faith in Hebrews 11.  We call the Hall Of Fame for men and women of strong faith.  Note it’s not just men, there are women there as well.

What About Paul?

In 1 Corinthians 14:34-36, Paul writes that women shouldn’t talk in church and supposed to be submitted to their husbands and not asking any men questions.  Some religions of the world make women second class citizens to men.  This is completely wrong!  If someone wants to implement the culture of 1 Corinthians 14 into their church, they should also make sure all the women are wearing head coverings.  It’s the same flawed logic.  There are no major groups of committed Christians these days forcing head coverings on their lady members.  Much of this is left over culture of the time.. Paul is operating in a cultural sense here.

If you read his writing in Galatians 3:28, you see that there is no such thing as Jew, Greek, slave or free, or male and female before Jesus.  We are all one before Heaven.  That is how God sees us.  In Genesis 1 mankind was told to rule over the Earth, not men to ‘rule’ over women.  Love is submitting to each other.

In ministry, a woman can do everything a man can do.  We see many world changing women in the Bible.  The genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1 shows us how Rahab became a descendant of Jesus because she acted in faith in Jericho.  In Luke 2:37, we see Anna a prophetess serving God in the temple and seeing Jesus as a baby there.

Is It Biblical For Women To Minister?

Restrictions on women in ministry are essentially cultural and the historical past. Many men and women may not be comfortable going to a church with a woman pastor.   If that’s the case, no problem go to a church with a male minister.  But there is no denying God’s anointing on both men AND women to minister.  In our generations we have seen Katherine Kuhlman the famous healing evangelist, Joyce Meyer an accomplished Bible teacher, Aimee Semple McPherson the founder of the Foursquare Christian Church denomination.

Before God, men and women are equal.  Believers must understand what is opinion, and what is God’s direction when we read the Word of God. When you think about it, religion oppresses.  Why should a Christian be believing the same repressive teaching of extreme Islam?

For followers of Jesus it’s all about relationship with God. Both men and women are looked at equally by the Father. Jesus chose male disciples at the time, but that didn’t not prevent the multitude of women that loved and cared for Him as the disciples did.  In fact, Mary of Magdala (or Mary the Magdalene) and Mary the sister of Martha and Lazarus were the first women to meet the angels at the tomb of Jesus once He resurrected.  Where were all the men?

Don’t limit God, and don’t limit the opposite sex either.  After all, nothing is impossible to those who believe (Mark 9:23).  If someone is called to minister, let them minister.  If they are anointed, the fruit of their work will be very apparent to all.


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