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What Is A Saint? Can A Religious Leader Make Someone A Saint?

Stained GlassWhat exactly is a saint? In the Bible, a saint is a person who follows Jesus and lives every day for Him and the Kingdom. One reference work defines a saint as “someone who is consecrated to God”. Who does that sound like? We’ll tell you who it is.  It’s ANY believer who has a heart after God.  That is a saint.

How can a human being call yourself a saint if you’re a believer? God calls you a saint. In Psalms, David, inspired by God, repeatedly refers to those who follow God as saints. You see it in Psalms 16:3, 30:4, 31:23, 34:9 and 37:28 to start. In Deuteronomy 33:3, we see that God loves His people and calls them saints. Going into the New Testament of the Bible, we see in Ephesian 1:1 that the believers are greeted as the saints. In short, if you follow after God with your all in all, YOU ARE A SAINT!

Religious Leaders
Just like the religious leaders in His time, the Lord Jesus avoids religious people because they are hypocrites doing things against God’s people. These days we have religious leaders in our day doing things that are against the Word of God.

Catholic leaders have this thing about making people saints.  If you look at the roots of the Catholicism, you might be surprised to note that Catholic leadership teaches that the Catholic church is the only true church. This is concerning as it’s the exact message the Mormon church teaches. There are many wonderful Catholic people, but unfortunately, most people going to Catholic churches don’t know what the group believes. Faithpro has shared about 8 specific Bible contradictions of the Catholic church here that this religion needs to address here.

Community Service
We understand that there are some great people out there who have left a legacy of service to humankind when they passed away. The world wants to memorialize these people with a statue, naming a place after them, or some other honor. However, this does not make them different from any other unbeliever. Nor can anyone posthumously declare someone a ‘saint’ due to their community service or religious work before they passed on.  If they don’t know Jesus, they are not a saint.

A saint is a person who serves the Lord Jesus. There are many people eternally separated from God to Hades, that did good things for their community. God is clear that we don’t become a saint by what good we have done (Ephesians 2:8). We become a saint by what we believe and how we represent God on this earth.

Do you want to become a saint? It starts by accepting Jesus as your personal savior. It is very easy and you must do it now.

Receive Jesus as Your Savior

Receive the Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

Saints are powerful people who walk in the love of God, are extremely blessed, and walk in victory, no matter what life on this present imperfect world throws their ways. Know Jesus today.

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