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What Is The Word of Faith?

Word of Faith has been labelled a movement by critics but is in fact more a revival of Biblical views among believers.  The Word of Faith is a revival of Biblical teaching that is both literal interpretation and trusting God for what He promises.  Word of Faith (WOF) believers, if they can be labelled, are Christian believers who rediscovered the Bible and strong faith in the United States of America in the late 1940s that Jesus Christ preached.  The Word of Faith has strong influence today in almost every major growing church around the world.  Word of Faith is not so much a denomination, but more a group of loosely associated ministries, churches, and ministers.  As with any group, WOF has not been without it’s challenges.

As has happened repeatedly with God’s people, human beings tend to go spiritually cold and lose the God experience if they do not stay hungry for God.  These religious people exchange relationships with God for religious ritual and tradition.  Word of Faith has been all about throwing off the religious rituals and traditions, and going back to the God relationship that Jesus preached about.  Religious Christians turn in the work of God in their churches for programs, evangelism, and a religious piety, judging others, and sometimes criticizing anyone who does not fit into their vision of what the Bible teaches.

Word of Faith ministers are extreme Bible believers who take literally what the Bible says and apply it to their daily lives.  WOF people or ‘faith’ people differ from many other Christians. Religious Christians sometimes believe, things such as, whatever happens to them is God’s will or sickness comes from God.  This is called the Dark Ages Mentality, and it is deadly.


Faith people believe that Jesus not only died to bring salvation to all who believe (Romans 10:9), but that He also took all sickness and pain with Him on their behalf on the Cross.  This is based on the reading of Isaiah 53:3-5 as well as the divine health that the believers of the New Testament of the Bible as well as the old testament of the Bible demonstrates.  Early Jews who traveled with Moses experienced no sickness or disease when they trusted Jesus.  Isaiah 53:3-5, 2 Peter 2:24, Matthew 8:17, and many other scriptures support this Biblical truth.

Faith And Speaking (Confession)

Faith and speaking is a huge part of the Word of Faith move of God.  So many people have forgotten to watch their mouths and what they say. Many Word of Faith Bible teachers preach Mark 11:22-25 that talks about when you speak to the mountain, and you believe what you say, you will have whatever you believe for.  They see it as highly effective as Jesus Christ was the teacher of this concept in Mark 11 and saw it important to teach to His disciples.  WOF Christians see traditional Christians as having missed the mark with regards speaking in faith and not speaking about what you already have.  They see faith as speaking not what you have, but what you expect (Hebrews 11:1)

Faith people also see Hebrews 11:6 that says only by having faith, can we please God.  The concept in this verse includes that we must believe in God, and that we must believe that He wants to reward those who diligently seek Him.


Prosperity is a word that has been much misunderstood by many Christian believers of all walks.  Word of Faith Bible teachers generally see prosperity as God’s thorough and complete blessings on those who believe and act in faith..  They don’t see it as a get-rich scheme.  This blessing is not only financial as great Bible characters such as Joseph, Moses, Joseph, Abraham, and Joshua experienced.  This blessing includes ‘total well-being’.  That is being blessed with the things you need to glorify Jesus.  Good health, long life, freedom from sickness and disease, having just what you need are what people see as prosperity.  Some traditional Christians relay the persecution of the early church as something they too must experience.  Word of Faith Christians see that Jesus became a curse for them so that they can live the abundant life that Jesus talked about in John 10:10.

Miracles, Signs, & Wonders

Many Christians who follow the Biblically ‘strong faith’ that the Word of Faith Bible teachers share see the many signs, wonders, and miracles that happen in their churches, ministries and missions as demonstrations of God’s approval of their hunger for Him.   Healings of the deaf, blind, diseased, mentally disabled, invalid and other impossible situations are common place with these people of great faith.

Some traditional Christian groups believe that signs, wonders and miracles are things that passed when Jesus ascended to heaven or with the passing of Jesus’ disciples or apostles.

Famous People Who Preach Word of Faith Bible Principles

There are many who have been effected by this revival of Biblical teaching and believing God for the impossible.  Although, some ministries have not always been clear in their teaching, many of the world’s largest churches are Word of Faith-based.  Ministries such as the world’s largest church in South Korea called Yoido Church, Lakewood Church the largest church in the United States, and even Australia’s largest churches in Sydney and Melbourne as well as many churches around the world teach this literal and full belief in God’s Word. Other churches include both of Singapore’s largest churches, Sweden’s largest church, and many others around the globe.

Room For Improvement

The Word of Faith has had incredible influence in the world we live in.  However, as any group of humans, there have been issues.  There has been some over-emphasis on giving or that God won’t bless you if you don’t tithe.  Others have been concerned that faith in God has just turned into faith and positive thinking rather than reliance on Jesus the Messiah.  Some religious folk call Word Of Faith a cult or a religion preaching the metaphysical.  Clearly, they don’t know what they are talking about nor do the have strong faith. But there have been calls for more focus on holiness and getting more of God’s presence in their lives.  If someone is always talking about money and finances, it is concerning.  But then again, Jesus did tells us all to Seek Him and His Kingdom first, THEN all the other things would come.  Living by faith is not about things, it’s all about Jesus.


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