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What Is True Bible Faith?

Outside of circles of strong faith believers, faith is a word that is very misunderstood.  Some unbelievers ask, “What faith are you?”, it means “Are you religious?” and “What is your religion?”  For others, people talk about a “leap of faith”, which means jumping into something blind.  For some Christians, faith means accepting Jesus as our personal savior as talked about here.  Of course, this is a must for everyone. However, faith is not blind, nor is it religious.  What’s God definition of faith?  What is truly Bible faith?

We know from Hebrews 11:1 that faith is something that you are assured about.  A great word to summarize faith is ‘expectation’.  Faith is expecting.  Faith is important to God.  It is so important to God, that it is the only thing that pleases Him according to Hebrews 11:6.  Every human who wants to know God must believe that God exists AND that God rewards them we seek Him diligently as seen in that verse.

Faith Is Expectation

There is nothing religious about faith.  Faith is expecting the good.  True Bible faith is when we stand on Biblical promises for our physical and spiritual needs.  How do you work your faith?  You work your faith by talking.  Mark 11:22-25 shows us how we are supposed to speak to our ‘mountain’.  The mountain symbolizes something that has gotten in our way.  For example, if we need financial breakthrough, we can speak over our lives Philippians 4:19 that says God meets all our needs according to His riches.  If we need physical healing, we’ve got 1 Peter 2:24 that says Jesus took all our sin, sickness, and disease on the cross on our behalf.  Instead of saying “I’m sick”, we say “Sickness, I rebuke you in Jesus’ Mighty Name.  Be Gone!”  Then, every time you think of it you say, “Praise God, I am well”.  Faith comes by hearing.

What Are You Talking To?

Many people pray for sick saying, “Father, take this sickness away in Jesus’ Name”.  It sounds right, but actually, this is not what Jesus taught or did.  In Luke 4:39, Jesus was called to pray for a girl with a fever.  He didn’t say, “God, take away this fever”.  He rebuked the fever and told it to go away.  You must learn to speak to the problem.  Financial trouble in your life?  Rebuke it in Jesus’ Name and command blessings on yourself and your family. Then make sure you are tithing to your local church.  See cancer in someone?  Say to that cancer, “I rebuke you in Jesus’ Name, dry of and disappear.”  Allergies?  Command your body not stop reacting and getting allergies and sickness in Jesus’ Name.  Again, every time you think of it, you are well in Jesus’ Name.  You can just say it when you think of it.

Faith A Muscle

Faith is a muscle.  You must exercise it for it to get strong.  Your faith doesn’t come through praying for it.  Faith comes by reading the Bible and hearing people teach about it according to Romans 10:17.  The more you use your faith, the bigger it will get.  Remember, the more you expect, the more you will receive.  If you expect nothing, that is exactly what you will get, nothing.

Everyday Faith

Faith is living every day with God’s expectation in your mouth.  When you start saying you forgive someone, even before your mind has accepted that, suddenly you will find that you have forgiven them by faith.  In 2 Corinthians 5:17, the Bible makes it clear that followers of Jesus must walk by faith.  That means, they are talking about and seeing results to their faith EVERY DAY!

You may have the world’s definition of faith in your mind. It’s time to change that to God’s definition.  Faith is expectation, faith is a muscle you must use, faith is something you live by.  In fact, Hebrews 10:38 says that the just (true followers of Jesus) live by faith.

Are you living in defeat or victory?  Are you a victim or a victor?  It is time to reset those expectations and make your faith strong.  Start living by faith today!


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