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Who Is Jerry Savelle?

Jerry Savelle (24 Dec 1946 to 15 April 2024- 77 years) was an auto-body repairman and automotive mechanic who got saved under the ministry of Kenneth Copeland and became a globally known minster of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  His ministry is called JSMI or Jerry Savelle Ministries International.  He also founded a church on his ministry property called Heritage of Faith Christian Center.  Savelle lived in Crawley Texas nearly the Dallas Fort Worth area and was very active in setting up Bible schools, missions work, and raising up ministers and leaders in the church of Jesus Christ.

Jerry Savelle did extensive missions work in Africa but also travelled the world teaching and preaching.  JSMI has it’s own pilots and jet that enabled Brother Jerry and his team to minister meetings back to back around the United States in particular.  He also has a close relationship with Brother Oral Roberts (Who is Oral Roberts?)  gaining Roberts’ attention as a powerful preacher of the Gospel with a similar style.  His similar style of preaching and teaching was most likely Savelle’s extensive soaking (watching) of Roberts’ tent revival meetings in the 1950s from the video archive had an influence on him Savelle mentioned as ‘Faith comes from hearing and hearing by the word of God’ according to Romans 10:17.  Brother Jerry shared how after meeting Roberts in person he asked Oral Roberts about watching his videos with the help of students at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Oklahoma.

One of Jerry’s most famous messages is his preaching of the message, ‘The Fourth Man’ which was an exact preaching of Oral Roberts’ original message.  You can watch that message here. Jerry Savelle, along with Jesse Duplantis, Kenneth Copeland and several other well-known ministers received honor doctorate degrees from Life Christian University in Tampa Florida .  This post graduate degree was well-earned as JSMI put together Bible School curriculum as well as Jerry wrote some 172 books.  Many have referred to him as Dr. Jerry Savelle or Dr. Savelle, however he is lovingly known as Brother Jerry.

Savelle is also remembered for his series of messages on ‘The Law Of Progression’ that he preached in the West Coast Believers Convention in Anaheim, California in 1992.  He details how we must live by faith and not by sight.  How we must swim upstream against the foolishness of the world as a follower of Jesus.  He frequently talks about the life of the Christian being and ‘Adventure In Faith’.

In his later years he had serious health problems and suffered a major stroke that left him not knowing who he was and completely debilitated for an extended time that got some thinking his time was over.  By the goodness of God, strong family prayer support,  and his faith, he was able to completely recover from that stroke and resume full time ministry activities.  His complete recovery was a testimony that faith in God works and that nothing is impossible for those who believe (Mark 9:23).  He continued ministering powerful messages with many stories about his experiences with Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland (Who is Kenneth Copeland? ), Oral Roberts, TL Osbourne, Lester Sumrall, John Osteen (father of Pastor Joel Osteen), and many other well-known men and women of God.

Jerry Savelle has run the race of faith, and served the most High God well, and he has gone to be with the Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven above and likely been greeted with “well done, good and faithful servant”.  He has shown us that with a hunger for the things of God, even a mechanic from a small town that no one has heard of can do great exploits for God with spark of Bible faith. His life, messages, and teaching continues to inspire other Christians to go after God with all that they have got.

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