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Why Did God Send The Ten Plagues on Egypt?

Why did God send the 10 plagues on Egypt is answered in Exodus 12:12. It was to show the world that the false gods of Egypt were no match for the true and only Almighty God. Egypt was probably the world power of that time and most powerful, using the Israeli’s as slave labor. Each plague had a purpose. Each systematically invalidated the things that the Egyptians worshiped, what they trusted, and displayed who is greater.

The second reason Egypt was hit with the plagues is listed in Exodus 9:1. We all know that Moses, led by God, told Pharaoh, “Let My people go”. However, many miss all that he said. On behalf of God Almighty, Moses said, “Let My people go that they may serve Me”.  God doesn’t want His people to be in bound and in slavery. Not bondage to others, bondage to addictions, bad habits, or bad living. God wants His people free.  Liberty brings uninhibited opportunity for people to worship God.  There is no true liberty without God in your life.

Did God Bring The Plagues On The Nation?
No, God did not bring on Egypt. Pharaoh brought the plagues on His nation because despite a very strong warning from Moses, he hardened his heart (Pharaoh’s hardened heart here) against Moses and more importantly God.

Decisions of national leaders can hurt or help the financial, spiritual, and longevity of the nation. Is your nation having difficulty? Look to your leaders, and make sure you’ve got godly leadership in office. Most importantly, pray for them as the Bible encourages us in 1 Timothy 2:1, 2. Pray for godly, wise, bold, and honest national leaders. Pharaoh wrecked his nation’s economy and decimated the national army in the Red Sea because he dared stand against God Almighty. He paid the price. Pray that your leaders follow God and His laws.

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