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“Once Saved, Are You Always Saved?” What Does Jesus Say?

We know from Romans 10:8-9 that if you confess Jesus as your Savior and believe that He rose from the dead that you shall be saved.  There is no doubt, that when you believe you are saved.  When you are saved you become a new creation according to 2 Corinthians 5:17.  Your spirit is made new.  Does it just end there?  Is that all there is to a relationship with God?

There are two groups of people.  Those who believe that once you have confessed Jesus as your savior you are always saved.  They quote many verses about the completeness of salvation.  No doubt, salvation is complete.  But does that mean, someone who accepted Jesus but went completely away from God to the world still has it?  The other group says that salvation is the first step but it is a relationship that you must keep up like any other relationship.  If you fall away from God, you will lose your salvation.

What Did Jesus Bring? 

In John 10:10, Jesus tells us that He came to bring us life. That life is undoubtedly the eternal life that only believers can have.  But when you finish the verse, He says He came that we may have life, AND that we may have it more abundantly.  Clearly, there is a choice to have eternal life, and also a choice to have life abundantly. Don’t you want to have God’s eternal life through Jesus?  Don’t you want to live in God’s abundance?  Are all Christians living abundant prosperous lives?  No.  Why?  A relationship with God is through Jesus alone and it is a daily choice.  Our relationship with God is most important relationship of our lives.

Is It Possible To Lose Your Salvation? 

For people who don’t know the Bible, you can quote any scripture out of context to try to justify your point.  Is it possible to accept Jesus are your personal Lord and Savior and lose that Salvation?   That’s a good question.

Jesus says in John 14:26 that the Holy Spirit is our teacher.  If you have any question, the best thing to do is go to Holy Spirit who is with you today and ask.  You can say, “God, what is the truth about salvation?” Watch out! When you pray the Holy Spirit is going to share His wisdom with you as you read the Word (the Bible).  As you read the Word, you will see the answer to many questions.  Every possible question you could ever have now or in the future.

The Unforgivable Sin

Is it possible to lose your salvation?  Yes, it is possible to lose your salvation if you fall away from God or deny Jesus as your savior.  We learned The Unforgiveable Sin here is to deny or reject the Holy Spirit when He draws us to salvation.  You can accept Jesus, but God forbid, you can later reject Him as well.  Relationships are a choice.  Love is a choice.

In John 15:1-8, Jesus teaches that we must abide in Him.  Abide means to live.  When you abide in a house, you live there everyday.  When you abide in love, it’s something you do everyday.  Jesus says, that we are like branches and we must be connected to the trunk of the tree.  Branches that are connected to the tree get the nourishment and water that comes up from the roots.  God is our root.  There are some branches, people, that die.  What happens to those people that die spiritually even though they are connected to the tree?  Jesus says in John 15:6, that those branches will be cut off, cast out, and burned.  Jesus is talking about people here.  You’ve met them. Those people that come to church once a month or maybe just once a year.  You have to live in God if you want eternal life.

Why The Confusion?

Why is there confusion and this teaching called “Once Saved, Always Saved”?  Some people want an excuse to sin with no problems.  Others are concerned about their loved ones who may not have known Jesus or just prayed the prayer.  Many of the people who teach “Once Saved” are religious folk who don’t know God or the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  The enemy wants to deceive people.   If you don’t know God, you will not be with Him when your body dies.

Does He Know You?

Jesus explains that there will be many people that say, “Lord, I know you” but in Luke 13:27 the Lord makes it very clear that God will cast them out just as he explained about the dead branches that are not abiding in Jesus.

Don’t believe the lie that praying the sinner’s prayer gives you a license to sin.  Accept Jesus today.   But don’t stop there, live in Him, abide in Him, be filled with the power of His Holy Spirit.  Have a passion for God, and a passion for people.  Change your surroundings by changing the people around you.

Next time you hear someone say something about God or His Kingdom say, “Holy Spirit teach me your truth as I read your Word about this”.  Then watch what He speaks to you as you read your Bible each day.


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