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What Should I Do When I Get Stuck At Home?

With natural disasters, storms, epidemics, pandemics, and various threats, there have been more reasons to stay (or get stuck) at home. Home is a wonderful place for most people, but being stuck there is not always ideal. Especially if you cannot get out and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation or people, His creation.

Every person has a limited time on this earth. Ideally, we’ll all live to the current 120 years maximum that we have had since the flood of Noah as noted in Genesis 6:3. It is easy to kill time doing various things such as reading, sports, hobbies and the lot, however as your time is limited on this earth in that human body, you may want to think a bit about what you are doing with every day. or even every hour or minute.

What Are Some Good Things To Do When I Am Stuck At Home?
In the age of video it’s easy to get caught up in binge watching some series of dramatic productions, movies, or television series. However, there are some much better things you can do to strengthen yourself rather than throw away your time on worldly entertainment. Here are some important things to keep in mind if you get stuck at home.

  1. The most important step is plan your day. Whatever you are going to do, set the time to guide you along the hours you are awake. For example, prayer time 30 minutes, house cleaning 1 hour, Bible study 1 hour, reading 30 minutes, and so forth. Another option is to go from time managed to task managed, where you set the tasks you want to complete for the day. It’s best to set the time you are going to get up, and the time you are going to bed and stick with that.
  2. Find a good Bible teacher online and watch their video teachings or listen to their audios. The best types of the the ministers of strong faith. You can find a good starting list here
  3. Set a time for prayer where you just set aside 20,30 or 60 minutes to praise and thank God, get His involvement in your life, pray for wisdom and direction for other believers, pray for the Holy Spirit to draw the unbelievers in your life… pray. Best to do it early in the am or late at night when others are not awake.
  4. Get a good study Bible and ready through a New Testament book of the Bible. Study the commentary and see if the Holy Spirit confirms that commentary or if it is off. (Remember most commentaries are not written by strong faith Christian teachers or pastors so see what the Holy Spirit teaches you).
  5. Want to take a mental break? It’s okay to watch a movie or video. Just make sure that you keep your standards. For believers, it’s best to turn it off it’s filled with vulgar language, extreme violence, or sex scenes (see more about that here ) Select and filter the movies you want to see before you spent two hours of your life on it. Remember, the best movies are the ones that can be watched by adults as well as kids.
  6. Spent time with your family. Turn off the devices, televisions, projects, and enjoy your spouse, children, or parents. Talking to each other seems to be a lost art with some. Sit and talk about the issues and stay positive. Play card games or do other activities that gets your family talking to each other.
  7. Clean your ‘temple’- The Bible calls our body a temple of the Holy Spirit. We are supposed to take good care of it. That’s why smoking and drinking are so bad as they destroy your physical immune system ( More on drinking here). Set some time to go for a run, ride, or swim. Even a walk is okay with your spouse or sibling.
  8. Set aside to read a good book. Specifically a history or a biography. Fiction is nice, but we can learn a lot more from other people’s lives.
  9. Clean up and organize- If you’re stuck at home, there are better things to do than sleeping all day. No better time to clean up and organize. If you clean up your house, your room, your garage, your dresser you are going to feel so much better about yourself. They say if you have a disordered house, you likely will have a disordered soul (mind, will, and emotions). It is such a good feeling to have everything in its place.
  10. Keep a journal- Your life is special. You are the only YOU that will enter into this world. If you get stuck at home, how about starting a journal where you write down what you are thinking about that day, what you have experienced, or what you have learned during your Bible study or prayer time.

If there is some reason why you get stuck at home, remember it isn’t the end of the world. It’s a chance for you to grow, expand, and learn. It’s a change to get to know your family better as well as organize your life.

Don’t throw away your time. Some think they have all the time in the world, however they don’t. We all have very limited time and it’s best we think about using it. The common words uttered by people on their death beds are, ‘where did the time go?’ Why is that? Most people don’t think about how important their life on the earth is and how short it will actually be. Getting stuck at home is a fantastic chance for you to depart this world saying, “I have lived a full and prosperous life. Now I go to be with my Heavenly Father. He is so good!”

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