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What’s God’s View In The Bible Of Married Couples Living Separately?

In the West, when a husband and wife live separately, it is not a good sign.  It usually indicates a marriage relationship that is on the rocks.  In Asia, there is a different concept and sometimes couples will live separately for years, due to work and reunite in older age.  There are couples around the world living separately from their spouse.  What’s God’s take?

God designed sex for marriage.  Great marriages have lots of good healthy sex. (Healthy sex is multiple times every month). Sex outside of marriage or sexual activity with people of the same sex is sin. Check out what the Bible says about sex between unmarried people here.  Sin will separate you from God. The Bible is very clear in Revelation 21:8, that sexual sin will take you to hell and eternal separation from God.

Living Separately

Sometimes in Asia we see husbands and wives living separately.  It’s usually for financial reasons, to work a job.  Living separately is really a bad idea and should be avoided at all costs.  Women have a monthly menstrual cycle, but what people don’t realize is that men also have a cycle.  It’s a sexual desire cycle.

When a husband cannot romance his wife because they don’t have a sexual relationship or she is far away, his desires arise but have no way to get fulfilled. Despite a lot of effort, he may start to notice all the women around him.  Men are driven by what they see, so this can be dangerous as a husband would be put unnecessarily into physical temptation if he is not fulfilling his wife and himself in sexual intercourse.  It works both ways, a woman is fulfilled by her husband and her physical desire for him goes up and down during the month.

Genesis 2:24 tells us that husbands and wives become one flesh in the act of marriage. It is not a one-time thing, it a constant communion. They must stay together and build their love for each other personally, spiritually, and physically.

Ensure Long Happy Lives

A couple must keep together at all costs.  We must not go with the world’s way of living separately to make financial goals.  Learn to live by faith and stay with your spouse no matter what.  If you must move for work, take your spouse and family with you.  Most importantly make sure there is a strong church body nearby where you are going.  You can read more about how to find a good church here.

Married couples must stay together, never stop dating, and nurture their relationship.  This is no better testimony than that of a couple that is in love with each other and show it “till death do we part”.

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