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Why Are Muslim Terrorist Attacks Taking Place in The United States Of America?

As we study history and see the events of the day, we see how God protects those whom are reliant on Him.  Those who rely on submit to Him, and are in constant connection with Him.  God protects those people who are led by the Spirit of God (Romans 8:14).
Founding FathersGod promised Abraham a nation and a people when he stepped out from his home in Ur (modern day Iraq).  Israel was wiped from the face of the earth in 70AD when the Romans leveled the Jewish temple to the Most High God, know as Adonai or YHWH by the Jewish. The nation of Israel miraculously came back into being in 1948.  To have a nation and it’s people scattered across the world come back into being was a miracle and just the beginning.  God moved super-naturally in the Six Day war to protect the descendants of Abraham on account on Abraham and God’s promise to Him.  In this war there were accounts of Egyptian soldiers abandoning their tanks and running back to Egypt when they saw armies of the Lord standing against them as the rolled across the deserts.  God is faithful and God will honor those who honor Him.  A search on phrases such as ‘God’s hand in the Six Day War’ will bring many first hand accounts of various experiences of Adonai’s divine hand.
God does not see everyone the same.  Like any human relationship, we must talk to someone and spend time with them if we are to truly know them.  God honors those who are Him.  God holds who ignore Him or refuse to acknowledge Him in low regard.  In 1 Samuel we see,
“Therefore, the Lord God of Israel declares: I certainly thought that your family and your father’s family would always live in my presence.  “But now the Lord declares: I promise that I will honor those who honor me, and those who despise me will be considered insignificant
(1 Samuel 2:30 God’s Word Translation)
The United States of America was also founded by people who fled persecution by religious hypocrites and political leaders to freely worship God without tyranny.  The nation was founded in 1776 and had many successes due to the commitments to God of the founding ‘fathers’.  The Christian influence has been the reason for over 200 years of financial prosperity, victory in war, and success in much of what the country did. The United States was a Christian nation.  America was the sleeping giant that helped Europe and Asia rid themselves of Japanese and German oppressive governments in the 1940s.  The 1950s were some of the most prosperous years in American history as America stood for doing the right thing.
However, in the 1960s and 1970s Americans of that generation began to forget God.  They had the sex revolution and moved towards drugs and less focused on the good fo the community and more focused on themselves.  Wars were no longer for right, they were to exert political influence.
The people of God have prayed and preserved America for many years.  However God’s People, the followers of Jesus, have weakened and allowed secularists and godless people to press their opinions over the majority of God-fearing (evil hating) Americans.  If a nation refuses to acknowledge God, how can we expect Him to bless their perversion or any other acts?  As a nation, American leaders have turned the hearts of the people from God, just as the evil kings in the Old Testament did to the people of the Israel.  In the Old Testament, good leadership brought the people closer to God, evil leadership brought people away from God.
In the past few years, we have seen many terrorist attacks thwarted as American Christian prayed for protection and prosperity on the nation.  When believers pray, things happen and the forces of hell cannot act via the evil people they influence and control.  But as evil has increased in America and Jesus people have not stood for the ways of God, the protection God has graciously given the United States of America has lifted.  As 1 Samuel 2:30 says, those who honor God and His ways, will be honored.  Those who hate God will not be considered.
Why Are Terrorist Attacks In The USA?
America has seen an increase of sin, political leaders such as the President and government leaders in the Congress have not only shunned God, but they have also tried to evict God from the lives of the American people.  The American government has
  • legalized the murder of children in the womb,
  • promoted sexual activity outside of marriage,
  • condoned ‘marriage’ of males with males and females with females,
  • pushed children into abusive homosexual homes
  • legalized the use of drugs
  • persecuted Christian chaplains and the US military
  • attacked Christian owned businesses for refusing to acknowledge ‘homosexual’ marriage
  • required the removal of any crosses, pictures of Jesus, quotes of the 10 commandments and other Christian based materials from public display
  • called evil good, and persecuted good works by it’s citizens as evil.
This list has much more that can be added. American atheistic have tried to shut down the opinions of the followers of Jesus to push their own perverted lifestyles.  They have partially succeed.  America has shunned.  Those who “despise me will be considered insignificant”.
American leadership has been shunning God and trying to block Him out of the lives of the citizens.  A life without God is a life that is lost.
God’s angels protect those who know and love Him according to Psalm 91.  The perverse and wicked generation who turn from Him can not expect the Heavenly hosts to protect them.  It’s time for America to turn back to God.
The 1993 song “America Again” by artist Carman prophetically foresees the coming trouble to America if the nation turns from God.  Will the people of America silence the voices of godlessness and sin?  The song shows the historical importance of America in the poetic prose here.  American were dedicated Christians, in the song it says, “Of the 55 men who formed the constitution
52 were active members of their church”
There Is Hope for America.  
The Words of Moses to Israel are true for any nation that seeks God.  It is time for American followers of Jesus, the Most High God to rise up.
Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people; for all the earth is Mine. And you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. ’ These are the words which you shall speak…
(Exodus 19:5-6 NKJV)
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We need Jesus and His eternal life!  We must be filled with the Power of His Spirit as we see in Acts 2.

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