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Why Doesn’t God Protect Christians?

Why doesn’t God protect innocent Christians from death? God does protect Christians that know Him, His voice, and His Word.  Psalm 91 is all about Gods protection which you must enlist.
Around the world we see Christians (church goers) massacred or murdered. Many assume that just because you are a Christian (a follower of Jesus Christ) that you automatically get the Bible promises. After all, we see promises to those who follow and love God for
  • Long life
  • No sickness
  • No disease
  • Prosperity and financial blessings
  • Angelic protection
  • Shielding from bad weather
And so much more. There are some who go to church who also call themselves ‘Christians’. But are they? Who are those who really love God?
Jesus says those who love God and keep His Word (the Bible) and are God’s children… that is a Christian.  Remember, just because someone says they are a Christian doesn’t mean it’s true.
The Innocents
So why is it that an evil person can walk into a church building and murder people attending a service or event?  Is God standing by while some religious fanatic or terrorist can line up church goers and just murder them?
The answer is very simple. God is not controlling things. We are living in a corrupt world that only God’s people can fix.  God gave mankind temporary responsibility, like a lease (the Earth Lease).  Men and women were given temporary responsibility for God’s creation. It started in Eden and continues to this day. The earth, the environment, the animals on the earth, the plants, the oceans and everything else that surrounds us, are our responsibility. God is the landlord. It is God’s creation, which He owns, but He has given it to us to manage till Jesus returns.
Power Praying
There is a religious teaching that called Dark Ages Mentality or DAM (more here). DAM teaching says whatever happens is somehow God’s will.  This is simply false. If it were true, one must ask why would Jesus teach us how to pray, if believers are just to accept whatever comes?  We are protected, we are catalysts of Gods power.  God’s people are to pray and change their circumstances and fight evil by bringing in God’s power.  There is no reason people for who know God to get killed.  We are told in James 5:16 that “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”  You are righteous when you know God (2 Cor 5:21). Now it’s time to be powerful.
Christians must be in daily contact with God through prayer so they can hear God’s voice in times of trouble. Evil people follow the desires of hell wanting to kill, steal, and destroy. Christians must be praying to prevent evil and be aware of what is going on around them.
The Bible tells us to fight the good fight of faith in 1 Timothy 6:12. It’s a good fight for two reasons. One reason is we overcome the world by our faith (1 John 5:4). Secondly it’s a good fight because we win in the end.
Change your world. Read the Word, spend time with God, and seek His ways with all you’ve got.  Start by knowing Him.
Know Jesus TODAY.
Get God’s power in your life now.
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