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How Can I Overcome Allergies and Hay Fever?

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year in many countries.  You see the plants and trees that were dormant for the winter begin to come back to life.  With all this plant life and vegetation ‘springing’ back to life pollen and other plant articles fill the air.  It’s basically natural pollution as many places have planted too much vegetation to try to make up for the need for clean air.  The idea in most places is apparently that more plants equals more oxygen as they take in CO2 and convert that to something humans can breathe.

All the pollen and other natural pollution in the air affects people.  People sneeze, eyes water, people get sore throats, coughs, headaches, itchy or runny eyes, and all sorts of other things hit people due to this seasonal change.  Spring should be a favorite time of year for people, but many now dread the sickness that comes from their allergies and hay fever that comes in with the season.’

The World’s Response – Allergies

With all of the allergies going around, people really suffer.  With the season comes advertising telling us that if we buy this certain drug, wear this mask, or protect our eyes with some particular pair of glasses we can protect ourselves from this trouble.  Mountains of money is spent on products because people are willing to spend money to somehow alleviate the sickness caused by their allergic reactions.  Medicine to make their noses stop running, cough suppressants and other meds that promise clear breathing.

Is There Some Way To Fight Allergies?

If you listen to the world, there is no way to fight allergies.  You just have to buy some medicine or a certin type of mask or glasses to protect yourself.  With God, there is a way to overcome and eliminate allergies and hay fever forever.  The way is simple.  The Bible says we overcome this world and the things of this world by faith in 1 John 5:4,5.  The most important thing is you’ve got to know Jesus.  After that, you have to understand what faith truly is.  Read “What is True Bible Faith?” here now to understand what faith really is.

Once you know Jesus, it’s time to know God’s power in your life. Jesus’ death and resurrection makes you spiritually right before God.  You can know God because of Jesus bringing you into fellowship with the Father.  However, you still live in a body in this corrupt world that is not under God’s control for a time (read about the Earth Lease here).  You are going to have to speak to your body, your situation, your bank account, cancer, colds, fever… whatever gets in your way.  In Mark 11:22-25 Jesus tells us that we have to speak to the problem and believe that we have the answer.  Sound strange?  James 1:6 tells us what is really strange to those who live by faith, the person who doubts.  If you speak something and doubt, nothing is going to happen.  People who doubt are like a wave in the sea just blown to the right and to the left but never really get going in the right direction.

Healing Comes Two Ways

You’re here because you want to be healed from your allergies.  Only God can heal you but He does it through YOUR faith. We see many people who pray or are prayed for, that receive their healing immediately. That’s excellent.  If you need healing James 5:14 tells us to get prayer at church.  You need healing?  Get to a living and active church that has the signs of the Holy Spirit at work.  Miracles should be happening because people there believe and don’t doubt.  Get to that type of church and get people of strong faith to pray for you.  That’s a must.  Read Ten Signs Of A Good Church here.

There are two ways that healing comes for allergies or anything else.  Healing either comes immediate, or it comes with a bit of time.  Sooner is better, but complete healing is better than what the world has… more meds, diets, masks…  You will experience both immediate healing and healing over time in your life as a Christian.  For us, we rebuked allergies and the next season (1 year later) the symptoms were less.  We continued to believe and thank God for our healing and the second year from when we started believing, the allergies were completely gone!  No more masks, meds, glasses, or garbage cans full of used tissue. Praise God! You can be free too.  God’s Word works!

For allergies, get prayer at a strong faith church as we described above.  At the same time, here is a prayer that you pray right now. 

Speaking Against And Breaking Allergies- Speak It Out!

In the Name of Jesus, I rebuke runny nose, cough, itchy eyes, and all the other symptoms of allergies and hay fever.  Now, I declare I have had enough with you, and in the Name of Jesus I no longer have to put up with you.  Allergies, you go right now in Jesus’ Name.  I will no longer sneeze, have a runny nose or take anything else from you.  You are gone right now in the Mighty Name of Jesus

Father, I thank you that according to Isaiah 53:3-5 I no longer have to have sickness and disease.  Allergies are a sickness and I refuse it.  1 Peter 2:24 says that by Jesus stripes I a healed.

Thank you that right now I am healed.  I speak peace over my body, and from this day forth, whatever symptom I sense on my body I refuse to accept it and I chose to focus on you and your Word.  Even if I feel an attack, I will rebuke it and thank you for my healing.  I am not moved by what I feel, but I am moved by the Word of God.  Lord, I love you and thank you for delivering me.  I put my faith to work and in alignment with yours.  In the Mighty Name of Jesus I pray, AMEN.

Jesus told us that He has give us all authority and power in Matthew 28:18.  He has given that power to believes.. That’s right!  You and I.  It’s time to walk in God’s power and healing.  Allergy free!


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