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How Should I Leave My Church?

One of the very difficult things in life is to leave a church. Some people are church hoppers and always looking for the perfect church. They jump from church to church not realizing that when they arrive they have just spoiled it because they likely have some spiritual baggage they need to deal with.

Nothing Perfect

The fact of the matter is there is no perfect church. Sadly, ministers (pastors) get accustomed to a flow of people in and out. Even the popular mega churches, with thousands of people, have a consistent flow of people coming in and out.

As a Spirit-filled Christian, there are times when members of a church have to leave. A pastor may not be being clear about finances, may have been unfaithful to his wife, or not be hearing God’s voice and dealing with issues as he should in the church. The church is very important to our Lord Jesus. We should not take it’s value lightly.

How To Help Your Church

If you are a believer and see issues at your home church, the first and foremost thing is to pray for wisdom for the leadership and resolution. The next thing you can do is go and talk to the pastor or the ministerial leadership of the church. If you see arrogance or unwillingness to talk, there could be trouble. However, if they are dealing with the issues you are identifying through someone else, then maybe let the ministers work on it as they can’t deal with hundreds of people and perspectives on the same issue. Things will just get confused.

The church is very important to Jesus and that is why He said the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it in Matthew 16:19. The most important thing you can do is support the leadership of a church to grow. All churches have issues because all churches are made up of people that have issues.

Don’t Be A Destroyer

If you have to leave a church, be sure you don’t do anything to damage the body or members of that church. You don’t need to try to take others with you. You don’t need to talk to multiple people about the problem. Don’t damage God’s things because you will have to pay a price for that if you do.

Quietly Find a New Church Family

Just quietly leave the church. You just have to stop going there. Stop talking about the problems you had going there and just focus on Jesus. It’s all about Him, not the problems you experienced. Don’t say negative things or call people and gossip. Just get out. As your getting out you can read about “How To Find a Good church” here.

You can also discover the Ten Signs of A Good Church here.

Most importantly, you have to remember that you must be a regular member at church. Seek and you will find. Ignore God, and He will ignore you. Honor God and He will honor you.

Yes, to be a Christian, you must go to church.


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