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Why Do People, Leaving A Church, Try To Take Others?

People are funny.  As we are emotional beings, we get offended over the silliest things.  This worldly characteristic can sometimes be brought into the church.  Not every church is seeking God with all they’ve got, so finding a church with leadership that is hungry for God is understandable.  However, people may have sat under solid Bible teaching in a fabulous church for months or even years, but they can still become upset about things.  In churches, people get upset about not having a chance to lead, to sing, to pray publically, to share, and a multitude of over things.

Angry At Church?

Others become angry because the person that they think is not worthy is asked to do something by the minister or leadership.  Usually, it’s because they think they are better than whomever the pastor has selected.  It’s simple to identify unhappy people in a good church. They stick out because they cause trouble, criticize, or are negative about things that most people see as minor.  Unhappy people cause trouble in churches because they are negative.

If we are not comfortable at a particular church, it’s okay to leave and find a church that you can better plug into and help the minister encourage people.  However, if you are a ‘church hopper’, or someone who changes churches every few years (or even months), then it’s time to look inward.  Church hoppers see problems in every church they attend. Little do they realize that every time they change churches, that problem follows them.

What Do People Try to Take Others?

When some people change churches, they try to take as many people out with them.  They may have something against the pastor or ministry leadership and are seeking to get revenge.  Others are like Judas, they just have a spirit of strife that they have been listening to too long and justify trying to hurt the church.  They let that demon justify contacting other church members, talking bad about the church, and try to encourage other people to leave the church with them.

Strife And Rebellion To Avoid

This act of trying to create a rebellion in the church is nothing new.  Satan, when he was Lucifer in heaven, tried to mount a rebellion against God in Isaiah 14:13-14.  He was an archangel like Michael and Gabriel with the responsibility to lead worship in Heaven.  He decided he wanted the worship for himself and tried to fight God.  It is not wise to fight against God.  In Acts 5:38-39 we see that even the Jewish religious leadership recognized that if the church of Jesus Christ that was just born were of God, they could not fight against it because they would be fighting God.  Trying to damage a church is fighting God,  Especially, if you don’t have the guts to talk to the minister in charge and deal directly with what you see as an issue.

If a church is a cult [9 ways to identify a Christian cult], then it is okay to recognize that and voice your concerns.  However, if a church is preaching the uncompromised Word of God and you talk bad against it, or work to tear people out of it, then you are working against God.  Hell wants to rip apart the church.  However, the Lord Jesus tells us in Matthew 16:18 that the Church is very important to Him.  When you speak against the church, you are speaking against the Lord Jesus.  You are attacking God.

What Spirit Is It?

People try to take people out of a church because they have a spirit.  It’s not the Holy Spirit, but a spirit of darkness trying to gut that church of members.  Trying to hurt that church.  Usually, it’s a spirit of strife working in some unhappy person.

There may be a time when you have to leave a church.  We have seen people leave churches for valid reasons.  However, do not leave a church and try to hurt the pastor or its members.  Just quickly and quietly leave. Don’t speak against the Lord’s chosen.  If you have been in full-time ministry, you likely don’t understand the work of the five fold ministry.  Most importantly, if you see that the church is in error, pray that the Holy Spirit will convict the leadership and draw them to Jesus.

If you are truly a Christian, your heart should be to help build up churches.  Not everyone is a pastor, teacher, apostle, evangelist, or prophet, but that doesn’t mean you are exempt.  Need to find a good church?  Learn how to find a good church hereHere are ten signs of a good church.

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